Month: February 2014


Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Bríd, Lugh, Dána, Macha, the Daghda… these are just a few names from the Tuatha Dé Danann, The People of Dana, the primary family of goddesses and gods of the Celtic Otherworld. The Celts knew these names, acknowledged these beings as integral and integrated members of clan, tribe and society. For our Celtic ancestors lived in a world embodied and… Read more →

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A History of Witchcraft through Art

Throughout history, there is no shortage of fascination with witchcraft. By the seventeenth century, artists had long fueled that fascination with images of Sabbaths, incantations, shape shifting, and flight. These images fed the fear of witchcraft by providing the horrifying illustrations of people and events that could only be the product of imagination. Art played a leading role in the… Read more →