Month: March 2015


Sound and Vibration – The Universal Healer

“Sound is the next frontier in holistic healing.” – Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. Join Mark Biehl, Certified Sound Therapist and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, for an informative and relaxing evening exploring the healing nature of sound and vibration. This special presentation will include a discussion of the origin of sound, its scientific basis and relationship with quantum physics, how sound may… Read more →

Alternative Therapy

Exploring the Chakras

Did you know that you are a being of energy? You are an auric field, alive and thriving with your own personal network of energy centers, wheels of lifeforce often called chakras. Mystic Salon welcomes Lucy Moorman as she takes you on a guided tour of your chakras. Lucy will present the energetic anatomy of the chakras, their related colors… Read more →

Man and physics

Vibrational You

Qi, ki, manna, prana, nwyfre, lifeforce…by any name it is the building block of the universe. Seen through the eyes of eastern metaphysics and western quantum physics, you are a being of lifeforce, a dance of light in manifestation. You are lifeforce in vibration. Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Jennifer L. Jacoby as she discusses the vibrational universe and the… Read more →