Month: September 2015

pierre en forme de coeur

Crystals, Gemstones and Rocks

Crystals, gemstones, rocks…they offer a unique wisdom and view of life. Working with them can awaken deeper levels of grounding, inspire spiritual insight and restore alignment with the living earth. Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Jennifer L. Jacoby as she discusses these ancient stone beings. Jennifer will present ways of approaching stone wisdom as well as an approach to working… Read more →

business plan on wall

The Intersection of Business and Spirituality

Thoughts On Being a Spiritually-Guided Person in a “Profit-is-God” World Join Deborah Weltman for a Mystic Salon discussion on: Matching workplace values to our personal values Who we choose to do business with and why Opportunities for business to increase the “good” in the world Unusual business models for a “new age” market Other economic systems besides Capitalism and Socialism… Read more →