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Cultivating Gratitude

As the season of harvest draws to a close, we pause to give thanks. Join Kat Kohler-Schwarz in the Mystic Salon and re-discover the simple power of giving thanks. As you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, learn to walk in gratitude as a daily practice. Cultivating Gratitude November 17, 2016 7-9:00pm The Grand House 2120 S. Grand Blvd, St. Louis,… Read more →

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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Your soul has known, and will know, many shapes. It carries within it the wisdom to support you throughout your soul’s blossoming. In its sacred dance with the body – through choices, trauma, habits – pieces of soul can lose their connection to a lifetime. In these moments, shamanic soul retrieval can summon your soul parts home. Join Jennifer L.… Read more →

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Playing with Psychokinesis: A Spoon-Bending Salon

When you channel your intentions, the physical world responds. Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. Witnessing PK in action — or practicing it yourself — allows you to better understand human potential and proves the old adage, “seeing is believing.” Join Dr. Angela Thompson Smith in the Mystic Salon for a spoon-bending party and exercise… Read more →

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Living as Love

The ancient Greeks had six words for love. Sufis spin to burn in the fire of love. And mystical traditions around the world whisper — love is the fundamental vibration. Join Tim Altepeter in the Mystic Salon as he facilitates a round-table discussion on living as love, personally, professionally and spiritually. Come, remember the love shining in your life and… Read more →

Wooden Flower of Life.  The Flower of life is an ancient symbol of Sacred Geometry and represents the fundamental order of creation.

Creating Sacred Space

Space – it is all around you. From Feng Shui to architecture and sacred geometry, ancient traditions remind us…How you shape your world reflects and affects how your life unfolds. Join Jason Dale Pierce in the Mystic Salon as he facilitates a round-table discussion on creating sacred space in your life, personally and professionally. As you prepare to welcome the… Read more →

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Aromatherapy – Exploring Mother Earth’s Natural, Healing Essences

The use of essential oils has a long and varied history. Aromatherapy debuted in the US in the early 18th century in spas, offering relaxation. Today, aromatherapy is recognized as not only a feel-good experience, but a healthy support to our mind, body and spirit. Join Kathleen “Kat” Kohler Schwartz in the Mystic Salon and discover modern aromatherapy. Kat will… Read more →


Fun with Remote Viewing

  The idea that we are more than our physical bodies — not bound by time, space, or our sensory perceptions — has persisted throughout history and is known in all cultures. Recently physics revealed the deeply connected nature of our nonlocal universe, which provides an explanation for this more comprehensive view of reality. At some level, everything really is… Read more →

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Living in Oneness: How Does Oneness Manifest in Your Daily Life?

Oneness, the Divine, All That Is – known by many names, this concept thrums at the center of all spiritual and esoteric traditions. It is the pathway, the process and the destination for seekers all over the world. Join Tim Altepeter at Mystic Salon as he facilitates a round-table discussion on integrating Oneness Thinking into your life, personally and professionally.… Read more →

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Astro*Carto*Graphy: Where Place Meets Soul

No matter where you go, there you are…and where you are matters. As an energetic being, different cities and countries activate different aspects of you – mind, body and soul. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals how. Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Erin Sullivan, “the astrologer’s astrologer,” as she discusses the power and the beauty that can unfold when place meets soul consciously. An… Read more →

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Crystals, Gemstones and Rocks

Crystals, gemstones, rocks…they offer a unique wisdom and view of life. Working with them can awaken deeper levels of grounding, inspire spiritual insight and restore alignment with the living earth. Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Jennifer L. Jacoby as she discusses these ancient stone beings. Jennifer will present ways of approaching stone wisdom as well as an approach to working… Read more →

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The Intersection of Business and Spirituality

Thoughts On Being a Spiritually-Guided Person in a “Profit-is-God” World Join Deborah Weltman for a Mystic Salon discussion on: Matching workplace values to our personal values Who we choose to do business with and why Opportunities for business to increase the “good” in the world Unusual business models for a “new age” market Other economic systems besides Capitalism and Socialism… Read more →

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Feng Shui – The Art of Flow

Qi — known also as ki, manna, prana, nwyfre, lifeforce — it is the building block of the universe. It flows…through the cosmos, through you and the world around you. Feng Shui is the art of cultivating that flow. Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Jennifer L. Jacoby as she discusses Feng Shui and the art of cultivating harmonious flow. Discover… Read more →


Numbers Count

Power in Numbers The basic principles of Numerology indicate every number in our birthdate, and every letter in our name (which is converted into a number) hold a specific vibration. Analysis of these numbers as symbols provides insights into every aspect of our life. This enhanced self knowledge allows us to own our strengths and use them consciously. By acknowledging… Read more →


Sound and Vibration – The Universal Healer

“Sound is the next frontier in holistic healing.” – Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. Join Mark Biehl, Certified Sound Therapist and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, for an informative and relaxing evening exploring the healing nature of sound and vibration. This special presentation will include a discussion of the origin of sound, its scientific basis and relationship with quantum physics, how sound may… Read more →

Alternative Therapy

Exploring the Chakras

Did you know that you are a being of energy? You are an auric field, alive and thriving with your own personal network of energy centers, wheels of lifeforce often called chakras. Mystic Salon welcomes Lucy Moorman as she takes you on a guided tour of your chakras. Lucy will present the energetic anatomy of the chakras, their related colors… Read more →

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Vibrational You

Qi, ki, manna, prana, nwyfre, lifeforce…by any name it is the building block of the universe. Seen through the eyes of eastern metaphysics and western quantum physics, you are a being of lifeforce, a dance of light in manifestation. You are lifeforce in vibration. Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Jennifer L. Jacoby as she discusses the vibrational universe and the… Read more →

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What do Druids Believe?

Healers, lawgivers, peacemakers…the Druids were a diverse and integral class of Celtic society. Today, almost two thousand years after the Roman invasion disrupted Celtic society, Druids gather again in oak groves around the world. But what does it mean to be a Druid? Just what do Druids believe? Join Mystic Salon as we welcome Jennifer L. Jacoby for an evening… Read more →

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Past Lives and the Akashic Records

The journey of the soul is stored at a vibratory level called the “Akashic Records.” Also referred to as “The Book of Life,” these records give us access to our past lives and the varied experiences that makes us each unique. Join Mystic Salon as we welcome Rhonda Leifheit and learn how past lives can influence our present relationships, careers,… Read more →


The Chakras and Auric Awareness

Ever wonder what is behind people and their perceptions? Or how you can be affected by and affect others? Did you know, you are a being of energy, an auric field living in a network of energies? Join Mystic Salon in welcoming Julie Weller as she discusses the unseen energies that emanate from and flow through your energetic body. Explore… Read more →

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Divination and the Runes: Learning to Cast

The word Rune implies a secret, a mystery and something whispered. Come, learn to cast these sacred sigils and reconnect with the whisperings of your soul. Grab your bag of Runes and join Jennifer L. Jacoby at the Mystic Salon for an evening playshop! Building on last month’s introduction to the Elder Futhark, Jennifer will facilitate an evening of practice… Read more →