Divination and the Runes: an Introduction to the Elder Futhark

futhark - anglosaxonHuman beings long to communicate… with themselves, with the Otherworld, with their souls. The Runes, also called the Elder Futhark, provided the ancient peoples of Northern Europe with an alphabet that gave voice to both individual and Otherworld. Whether cast, drawn or consulted in meditation, the Runes continue to offer insights, wisdom and the power to awaken.

Join Jennifer L. Jacoby at the Mystic Salon for an evening discussion of the Elder Futhark as a sacred alphabet and system for divination. Jennifer will explore the Runes in their practical, magical and mysterious applications as tools for communication with self, soul and the Otherworld.

The word Rune implies a secret, a mystery and something whispered. Come discover these sacred sigils and reconnect with the whisperings of your soul.

The Grand House
2120 S Grand Blvd
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104
Thursday, October 2, 2014
$5 per person
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Schedule of Evening:

7:00pm A Gathering of Salonnières
Order your food & beverage, chat, get to know one another.
7:15pm Introductions
7:30pm Speaker presentation by Jennifer L. Jacoby
8:30pm Salon Discussion
9:25pm Salon Close
9:30pm Depart