Meeting the Ogham: an Introduction to Celtic Tree Wisdom

ogham alphabet by studioogmaTrees held a sacred place within Celtic society. Poets, druids and the learned of society were said to be “tree wise”. They understood the whisperings of the trees. For they knew the Beth-Luis-Nuin, also called the Ogham… the Celtic alphabet of tree wisdom.

Join Jennifer L. Jacoby at the Mystic Salon and rediscover the wisdom of the trees.

Come and meet the trees that comprise the Beth-Luis-Nuin, and hear the mystery within the sacred alphabet. Discover the Ogham as an outline of practical knowledge, a source of mystical wisdom and a divination tool. Awaken to a magical relationship with the trees.

Enjoy Jennifer’s Handout that she provided for her gathering: Ogham Introduction handout.
Dawn’s home at
2120 S Grand Blvd
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104
Thursday, September 4, 2014
$5 per person
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Schedule of Evening:

7:00pm A Gathering of Salonnières
Food & beverage, chat, get to know one another.
7:15pm Introductions
7:30pm Speaker presentation by Jennifer L. Jacoby
8:30pm Salon Discussion
9:25pm Salon Close
9:30pm Depart