Divination and the Runes: an Introduction to the Elder Futhark

Human beings long to communicate… with themselves, with the Otherworld, with their souls. The Runes, also called the Elder Futhark, provided the ancient peoples of Northern Europe with an alphabet that gave voice to both individual and Otherworld. Whether cast, drawn or consulted in meditation, the Runes continue to offer insights, wisdom and the power to awaken. Join Jennifer L.… Read more →

Creative ideas

Harnessing the Occult for Creativity

This comprehensive and enlightening Salon will provide an overview and discussion of the Tarot, meditation, Qabalah, pendulums, crystals and scrying, automatic writing, bibliomancy, Ouija and other methods of accessing the subconscious. Some live demonstrations. Julia Gordon-Bramer led Mystic Salon last month in a riveting walk through the Art of Tarot and this month, she will guide us further through the… Read more →

The Priestess

The Art of Tarot

Have you always been curious where the Tarot originated? Do you know what the cards actually mean? Learn what the tarot is, what can be expected from it, and the fundamentals of intuitive reading. This is a hands-on workshop giving and getting tarot readings while you learn how to sharpen your skills and gain the understanding you need from this… Read more →

Zodiac sun

Astrology: Where do I start?

When you take an interest in astrology, it can seem quite complex, daunting, and detailed which can make things frustrating, to say the least. With all of the pieces of astrology, it can be overwhelming, and because of this, it is easy to put down and leave. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! In this presentation, Rev Bill… Read more →


Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Bríd, Lugh, Dána, Macha, the Daghda… these are just a few names from the Tuatha Dé Danann, The People of Dana, the primary family of goddesses and gods of the Celtic Otherworld. The Celts knew these names, acknowledged these beings as integral and integrated members of clan, tribe and society. For our Celtic ancestors lived in a world embodied and… Read more →

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A History of Witchcraft through Art

Throughout history, there is no shortage of fascination with witchcraft. By the seventeenth century, artists had long fueled that fascination with images of Sabbaths, incantations, shape shifting, and flight. These images fed the fear of witchcraft by providing the horrifying illustrations of people and events that could only be the product of imagination. Art played a leading role in the… Read more →