Deborah Terra Weltman

deborah weltman
Deborah Terra Weltman is the owner of Terra Art & Frame/Terra Decorating Services, a writer, and teacher. Over the last 20 years she has conducted her business in accord with her personal values, leading her to develop a “family” of employee-friends, to place a high priority on educating her employees as well as her customers, and to feel great doing “right” by all. Deb finds opportunities for her business to do “good” in her local community. She values win-win solutions. She is always on the lookout for ways her gifts and genius (and the gifts and genius of others) can improve our world. Deb shares about her own spiritual development (and about framing and décor) in her e-newsletters and in her writings and classes. Deb loves to look for and to discuss examples of the business world doing “good.”