Julie Kaye Weller

Julie WellerJulie Kaye Weller is the founder of Earth Angel Healing Services which opened in 2007. She is an Intuitive/Empath/Energy Healer who has been doing readings for 22 years. After her Usui Reiki certification in 2003, her session’s focus turned to healing the clients’ energy bodies and chakras that were out of balance.

Julie’s sessions are accompanied by a handwritten reading received from the clients’ guides and Angels. Among her gifts is the ability to see the auric field and read chakra function. Julie’s work uses many different healing modalities, such as healing crystals, aromatherapy, sound healing & Angelic attunements. These tools help achieve new levels of development and clarity within her client’s lives.

Julie is a Reiki Master & teacher who teaches the art of self mastery in her Intuition Clinics, which she has taught since 2007. She believes that in these changing times, one must be able to check inwardly to know where one stands in life. Julie’s focus is on returning harmony and balance allowing clients to be a balanced & centered version of themselves to share with their families and the World.