Kathleen “Kat”  Kohler Schwartz

Kat combines 35 years corporate experience with her empathic gift and talent for music, energy work, aromatherapy and herbalism to offer a unique touch in mentoring (aka Life Coaching) her clientele. Her personal experience includes parenting a chronically ill child/adult with siblings, loss of a child, spousal abuse, divorce, single parenting, re-marriage, workplace discrimination, and managing personal chronic illness.

Kat customizes aromatherapy recommendations based on the needs of her clients. She also has a passion to educate the public in using essential oils safely for personal use in the home. She offers small scale speaking engagements to those who wish to expand their knowledge and awareness of aromatherapy.

Kat provides a full scope of services encompassing mind, body and spirit, for those seeking personal growth and mental/emotional support while enduring life-changing and chronic situations.  Her practice is located at Daniel Spiritual Wellness in Webster Groves, MO.

For more information about Kat, saltoftheearthholisticwellness.com.