What do Druids Believe?

stonehenge moon
Healers, lawgivers, peacemakers…the Druids were a diverse and integral class of Celtic society. Today, almost two thousand years after the Roman invasion disrupted Celtic society, Druids gather again in oak groves around the world. But what does it mean to be a Druid? Just what do Druids believe?

Join Mystic Salon as we welcome Jennifer L. Jacoby for an evening of Druidic wisdom. A modern-day Druid, Jennifer will offer a glimpse into Druidic beliefs and practices.

Come hear the wisdom of the oak grove. Discover the ancient Druidic triad: Honor the gods, do no harm, and act courageously.

What Do Druids Believe?
February 19, 2015

The Grand House
2120 S. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63104
$5.00 per person
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